Old wine in new skin

Am not new, neither am I a virgin in the logging spheres. I have done this before, just in another platform. Raising consciousness, provoking thought and questioning norms.

It’s me, once on Crossingtheline with no holds. Speaking out, calling it like it is. I don’t write from there, but from the inner most parts of my being, myself, my reality, my world.

Welcome to this new platform that will carry my thoughts going forward. I have lifted my previous posts from that other platform so that we travel together in this journey.

Now it is Tarytells!

I see it, I tell,

I hear it, I tell,

I feel it, I tell,

I experience it, I tell

I sense it, imagine it, provoked by it, question it, love it, WHATEVER IT IS, I WILL TELL!

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