The aftermath of rape: The untold story 

Source: The aftermath of rape: The untold story 

Stories my vagina could tell

Oh this precious yet most hunted asset that I have!!!
When I was born they all ululated celebrating my vagina
My vagina, a potential asset which would bring them riches one day in the form of lobola…
My mother was lectured on how to care for my vagina,
‘Squeeze some breast milk and rub in with the elbow,’ she was instructed
This was done so I would not become a ‘prostitute’ they said…
My vagina would one day have to belong to one man and one man only.

As I grew older all society could see was not my brilliance nor my potential in life but my vagina.
At the age of four my cousins were already attempting to penetrate my vagina
At 8 years of age a priest violated my vagina
So painful it was, my vagina bled profusely
I could not tell anyone about it,
My vagina has kept unkind secrets.

At 12 I had to pull my labia so that I could ‘please my future husband’
A painful exercise it was, rubbing ashes into my vagina walls and elongating my labia, the most priced adornment to my vagina.
Then the long awaited menstruation started, my vagina bled
I was lectured on how to wash and take care of my vagina now that I was a ‘woman’
My vagina had to be treasured and kept away from men lest I became pregnant, they said.
My vagina became my most treasured and precious asset to be guarded jealously.

As the years went by many men became interested in penetrating my vagina
It was as if I walked displaying it on my forehead,
Oh my vagina became a source of my discomfort, stress and misery
At University a lecturer violated my vagina again and it tore me apart…
My vagina literally turned me into a sex object in the eyes of so many lustful men.

Then my vagina did have consensual sex , it was so traumatic, reminded me of the rape experiences
Hoped it would be pleasurable one day but my vagina coiled each time
Sexual indulgences by my vagina did eventually lead to pregnancy
My vagina was not spared, the insertions by the Gynaecologist during antenatal visits…

Delivery of the baby came, the baby had a ‘big head’ and the Gynaecologist had to cut open my vagina to make a way for the baby,
12 stitches were sown on my vagina after birth
Did the stitches heal?
More than a month of sitting in a dish with cold salty water for my vagina to heal and be intact,
Another baby came and my vagina went through the same ordeal.

My vagina is surely tired, my vagina deserves a retirement
My vagina has experienced all sorts of violations
Patriarchy has been control of my vagina all my life for it was never meant to belong to me but rightfully so to some ‘man’
Enough is enough I am reclaiming my vagina
Oh! Come(stay with me), my vagina, I embrace you with so much love, kindness and tenderness.