At such a momentous time in Zimbabwe I feel like if only I was in Zimbabwe right now to participate in such history making events. I am so proud of being a young Zimbabwean right now because I am happy that we as Zimbabweans’ have managed to positively embrace modern technology in a way that is geared towards changing our narrative for the better. As we are saying #taneta(we are tired), #hatichadi(we don’t want this anymore), #hatichatyi (we are not afraid anymore) Zimbabweans are boldly making a clear message that Zimbabwe cannot continue business as usual. Things are just not right and honestly Zimbabweans cannot sit back and relax.

We always boast about being an independent nation, but hang on, what does it mean to be independent? Who is independent? I learnt at school that 18 April the day we celebrate our independence we will be celebrating how our freedom fighters fought against all odds to get us independent, removing the shackles of colonisation from us. I always knew that independence is not to be taken for granted, it is a privilege and as a ‘born free’ , meaning I was born after the war ended I felt greatly indebted for such sacrifices.

Growing up like many of my peers we realised that independence was a relative term. And as is stated in Animal Farm we got to know that indeed, ‘some animals are more equal than others’. Independence day celebrations of late are evidently for the Government and not for the general populace. People who come to Harare to celebrate this day are bused under threat and coercion of being excommunicated from their communities, not getting food subsidies from government or enjoying any benefit from the government and to some extent fear of victimisation. Very few Zimbabweans celebrate this day as it has ceased to have a meaning, for many it is a great day from work where they can catch up with friends and relatives.IMG-20160704-WA0003

We expect our government to govern, legislate, and make laws and policies strictly for the good of the nation. But all this at the moment is a fallacy. Zimbabweans are not free, they have no power to act or speak or think without externally imposed restraints. Speaking out and asking reasonable questions will make one disappear leaving behind orphaned children. What sort of a government does not want people to ask questions? what kind of a government thinks that the majority are not right, they are always right? What kind of a government disregards the views and concerns of its citizens? What government governs with threats and instils fear in its populace? What kind of a government is not receptive to change? What kind of government is always concerned about lining their pockets? What kind of a government boasts about their good educational system but their children are educated out of their country whilst ours have demoralised teachers teaching them? What kind of government boast about their success in improving the health system but they all run away to seek health services outside the country and yet its citizens should use the health facilities where the health personnel is so demotivated and underpaid?

For fear of too much verbosity Zimbabweans are not happy, we are far from being independent. All we want is to enjoy true and sweet Independence, freedom and liberty. We want equal opportunities, we want jobs, we want happiness, we want good governance, we want food, better health, better education, clean water and shelter, we want equality before the law, and we want free mediaFB_IMG_1467554368934

Enough of this repression and and mental slavery and on this day I am reminded of Bob Marley’s words, ‘emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our mind….’

Well Done ZIMBABWEANS, you have not only done this for yourself but for every generation to come. ALUTA CONTINUA!!!!


VIVA #ShutdownZimbabwe2016

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